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Elevated Images taken throughout Cornwall using Mast Photography

High Mast Photography RigBedzed Zero Energy Developement at Penryn Cornwall

Elevated Photography by 'High and Wide'

High and Wide have 15 years professional experience as Elevated View Photographers in Cornwall. We have captured high level images from trees, JCB buckets, the Eiffel Tower and the Himalayas. We will use this technique to provide an unusual record of your business, property or event.

Human beings love to get high. Since we first put stone on stone we have built our castles, churches and fortresses on mountain tops and cliff edges so that we can benefit from the high vantage point. Even though we have learnt to stand up to get a better view than on all fours we are still foiled by our lack of height. Most of us get a view of the world from a point under 6ft from ground level and as the visual information that is of most use to us is found in a hands width strip running from arms length to infinity we can definitely benefit from getting ourselves to a higher point to get more information about a subject or location. This is the beauty of elevated photography. High and Wide can give you the benefits of a birds eye view to photograph your Cornish location that can be a high impact promotional tool for your business. Your clients can appreciate your location, facilities and geographical context much more easily with a series of elevated photographs rather than from the limited information provided by a portfolio only using ground level shots.

Whole & Half Day Commissions for Elevated Photography are Copyright Free

If you commission a portfolio of elevated photographs from us you will have full use of the Images with no Copyright Restrictions for use by or on behalf of you or your business. We feel it is only fair if you have gone to the trouble of getting the lawn cut, taking the washing in or arranging to have your staff or fleet of vehicles spruced and polished in the foreground. Also, with your agreement, we will display the resulting images on our web site. If we sell any of these we will refund you 50% of your reproduction fee. All we ask is that any third party use of the work carries a credit to both you and High and Wide. None of the above will occur without your consent. We offer this unique feature as a reflection of the current trend of file sharing that internet users now expect.

Why use High Mast Photography instead of Aerial Photography

As a local photographic service we can make the best use of fleeting weather windows. Sunshine is often imperative to get the best results. It is definitely worth the wait. Aerial photography cannot offer this level of flexibility or maintain the relationship between viewer and landscape. Elevated photography helps us keep an understanding of the visual image presented because we can continue to locate ourselves with reference to the horizon. This is captured from a High level viewpoint but is often lost in aerial photographs.

High and Wide can arrange photo shoots so that pictures can be taken from the same spot at night, dawn and dusk. Because you can approve the results of our work as we progress online or with your mobile phone you can be involved in the process even if you are busy elsewhere.

Shooting at the optimum time of day and vantage point will ensure the best results. Our quick response and mobility can bring you high quality photographs that will really get your business noticed. Using our camera attached to a Tall telescopic mast that can be detached from our van and reassembled as a freestanding unit we can access almost any location to get the shots required.

The photographs we produce for you can be used effectively to meet all your brochure and web site needs as well as being reproduced in less conventional forms. For instance, using time-lapse photography we can compress a day's weather changes to act as a subtle web page or an eye catching reception display. High and Wide can also supply Double A3 LCD backlit illuminated narrow frames for high impact visuals with low wattage. This unit gives a stained glass window effect, it can simulate a window view in a basement or to light a diners table in an ambient bistro.Top

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