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High Level Photography in Cornwall using a Portable Telescopic Mast

A Ground Level PhotograpA High Level Photograp

Photography from a High Level Viewpoint by 'High and Wide' in Cornwall

Give your business a valuable boost by showing its best advantage. High and Wide is a professional photographic service that specialises in High Level photography. Operating throughout Cornwall High and Wide can provide high quality images at a fraction of the cost of aerial photography. By using pictures taken from a High viewpoint you can bring a more detailed view of your business or product as well as providing a greater sense of place than can be achieved by ground level shots. Images can be provided for general views, aerial surveys and progress records in normal aspect ratio or panoramic styles. You can avoid the expense and impersonal feel of aerial photography by our technique for your web sites, catalogues and brochures. High Level photographic images are a cost effective choice that will add a pleasing aesthetic to all your promotional material.

Who could benefit from High Level Photography?

A diverse range of businesses and individuals will benefit from using High Level photography. Moody Shot at TwilightPublic events, leisure facilities, holiday parks, commercial property and industrial premises would all be shown to advantage by High Level images. As the accompanying pictures show the difference between a ground shot view and that taken from an elevated position is a desirable addition to any promotional portfolio.

When you use pictures taken from a higher point you give your clients an opportunity to get a greater understanding of your product whether it be a manufacturing facility, commercial property or holiday park. You can greatly enhance the quality of your publicity material in various media when you use High Level photographic images in conjunction with more traditional images. The two techniques complement each other and will give your business more appeal and you can show your Cornish location and its benefits to your clients to the best advantage.

How will we capture Your High Level Images?

We will capture your High Level images by attachingMullion Holiday Park a camera to a tall telescopic mast that is normally attached to a van. In this way we can travel to most locations and photograph many situations. However not all circumstances will prove suitable for motor access so in these instances we will detach the mast and reassemble it in situ as a self supporting, freestanding mast. Before starting work on the actual photo shoot we will have detailed consultations with you to determine what you wish to achieve with the images we will create for your business whether it be for Brochures, Posters, Web Site or any other promotional medium, we can give you an 'Edge'.

Panoramic Picture of Falmoth Water