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Aerial Photography in Cornwall using a Portable Extending Mast

The Cost Effective Alternative to Aerial Photography!

If you have been considering aerial photography for your promotional pictures you might want to think again after you explore our alternative, Elevated Photography. Here are a few reasons why you should think about hiring High and Wide.

Main Advantages of our Mast Mounted Camera over Aerial Photography:

  • Cost Effective and Affordable
  • Rapid response to 'Window of Opportunity'
  • Controllable and repeatable
  • Can respond to your on site 'Real Time Input'
  • To shoot, adjust and retake at no extra cost.
  • Environmentally Friendly Low Carbon Footprint.


Photographs taken from an elevated position will give you the benefit of including the horizon in shot whereas aerial photos tend to be taken at such an angle that the horizon is often excluded much like a map or plan view. We believe that being able to include the horizon adds harmony and balance to a photograph's composition that aerial photography rarely achieves.


The cost of a Photo Shoot by High and wide can be a mere fraction of the high cost of booking a plane equipped for Aerial Photography. This could involve not only the Plane and Pilot, but frequently a Photographer as well. All this can work out at Hundreds of Pounds an Hour, making it well worth looking at our alternative, more flexible and almost always, cheaper option.

Quick response

If you book High and Wide for your photo shoot we can offer you flexibility of service. We can come when and where you need us on any given day. We can (most times) respond at short notice to any requests for our services to take advantage of that often narrow window when event or opportunity coincides with the weather.

Your Requests and Adjustments in Real Time

You can look at the results of our first shoot and discuss changes and adjustments which we can accommodate in 'Real Time' before we pack away and leave your Site or Event. Just imagine trying to accommodate this level of Customer input with Aerial Photography.

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