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Industrial and Product Photography throughout Cornwall

Industrial Photography in Cornwall for Promotion of Products and Services

How can High and Wide help your design and manufacturing business?
Cornwall boasts many small engineering and scientific design & research businesses with capabilities to match any other Region or Country in the World. A set of excellent high quality photographs of these operations, facilities and products can help promote and and make many of these small companies world famous in their field. High and Wide offers a comprehensive service that will help showcase all aspects of your business from production and design to finished products. In addition, we will of course feature high level photographic coverage of you premises and installations.

What do we do and what do you get?

First of all we visit your premises and discuss with you the aspects of your business capability that can be emphasised to set you above your competitors. We will provide you with all the photographs you will need for a catalogue, brochure or web site promoting your Cornish business. We will capture images of all aspects of your business in operation, plus we can use Elevated Photography to portray your premises in a way that ground level shots never can.

Why Commission High and Wide for Your Industrial Photography?

We understand the needs of small business in the highly competitive area of engineering and scientific research. High and Wide offers a specialist and flexible service at a competitive rate to provides you with a whole promotional package of images to project your business capabilities to your potential clients. In addition to pictures of the inside of your building depicting the 'Norm' of production and dev elopement capability, High and Wide can also take photographs of your building Using Elevated Photography for the exteriors of your premises. Many clients have found that this is cost effective way of getting interesting and unusual images of your premises and location. It also offers greater flexibility and costs far less than aerial photography.


Summary of Industrial Photography by High and Wide

High and Wide is a professional photographic service that works throughout Cornwall. Your promotional publicity can be provided by one of our photographers who will take your business's specific requirements into consideration when planning and doing the work. We will provide a fully comprehensive service that will be appropriate for use in all your promotional needs. We appreciate the highly skilled businesses that are operating in Cornwall and will do our best to help present you and your work to best effect to the national and global market.


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