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Elevated Photography throughout Cornwall using a Portable Mast

Princess Pavillion Falmouth Beer Festival

Elevated Photography Commissions in Cornwall by 'High and Wide'

Elevated photography will get your business noticed. High and Wide provides a professional photographic service throughout Cornwall at a much cheaper rate than Aerial photographers.
For general views, aerial surveys, progress records in normal aspect ratio or panoramic styles, Elevated Photography will give your clients the best opportunity to view your business. Aerial photographs are expensive and can give an impersonal feel to your brochures, catalogues and web site, whereas Elevated photography brings out the best from an event or location.
Elevated Photography is the affordable and aesthetically pleasing choice for your promotional pictures.

Who could benefit from Elevated Photography?

Elevated Photography will benefit many different kinds of business and individuals. Industrial premises, commercial property, holiday parks, leisure facilities and public events will all gain from being photographed from an elevated position. As can be seen above the difference between a ground shot view and that taken from an elevated camera is phenomenal.

Your publicity will give your clients a much greater feel for the product you are selling whether it be a manufacturing facility, commercial property, holiday park. or car boot sale. The quality of your publicity will be greatly enhanced if you use a selection of 'High Mast Photography' shots to supplement more traditional photography. Using this technique businesses will be given much more appeal and it will be easier to present the advantages of your Cornish location and its benefits to your clients.

How is Elevated Photography achieved?

High and Wide is a professional photography company that operates all over Cornwall. They provide a flexible and mobile service using a camera attached a to tall telescopic mast. The mast is normally fixed and transported by a van so most locations are accessible for photo shoots. In circumstances where vehicular access is not possible or desirable the mast can be detached from the van and be reassembled as a freestanding self supporting mast on a tripod. A selection of shots will be taken so that clients have various views to choose from.

Panoramic Picture of Falmoth Water